Why is it that two rangers left Mercinae? and why are you so upset over it?

It seems to me that they received no help at all - and before you start on me, i am not talking pouches here.

If they had received nurture and teaching they would probably still be Mercinaen. If those in your city who spend their time posting absurdities about what is or isnt \"fair\" spent their time on their young you would not lose them.

It has nothing to do with pouches at all. It has to do with where they are nurtured and taught and cared for.

But under NO circumstances does stripping players far smaller than yourself acceptable. It just isnt and there is NO way you can justify it. Justice applies to thakrian young the same as it applies to any other city!

What you did was wrong by anyones standards. And UNJUST.

You would be far better served, as would Avalon, if you spent your time here looking to improve your city and its operations instead of trying to tell a successful city how to operate.


ps. and before you start on how i know nothing i knew how to run a city and keep its citizens happy and proud of their city when you were in diapers!

pps. Oops did you ever get out of them yet?

Written by my hand on the 9th of Hindyear, in the year 1131.