Stripping the young?.

I removed the three pouches that she was given by a city that does not have the leather to provide for its young. They moved to a city that does. For a young thakrian to get pouches, they learn two or three gold quests, and are fine. That is not the case with Mercinaens.

You removed a pouch which had almost 200 nann, as well as other valuables. Unlike some of your followers who you have provided with poisons in the past, I've had to work my tail off to get the poisons I had.

Neither Icedragon or Firedragon are on the lw list. Neither of them were harmed. I even posted to my own city to NOT harm them. What you've done adds a disgusting tilt to the wonderful land that is Avalon. First seducing the young from your enemy city to that which you support. Then taking crippling action against one of the main fighters of your enemy city, just because you can?

Well, that's your choice I guess. You indeed can do that. You can let your followers sit inside your temple with offensive staves out, and punish people for attacking them. You can make someone who once stripped me bare at 1/4 his size your high priest.

And then, you can punish me for doing relatively little.

I love the mentality shown by Thakrians. We are better than the rest of the land! We have a god who can do whatever he wants, and IS WILLING to do so to see his city rise.

It must be great.

Battlemage Fistandantilus

Written by my hand on the 6th of Hindyear, in the year 1131.