Names, Copyright or Otherwise

Genesis, god of timeto Everyone

There are two types of names which we are not terribly happy with within Avalon; the Tolkein ones, and the specific Greek ones. A company named ICE (Iron Crown Enterprises) seems to own the right to all Tolkein's works and words, and we've been told that they are prone to suing people who use them. We'd rather not run the risk of this. The spell chants, for instance, are Elvish songs from the Lord of the Rings - they ARE an infringement of copyright and therefore have to be removed. Most of the other Tolkein references have already bitten the dust. The Graecian names are another matter. In general Greek sounding names (Odius, Phaestus, Argemis) are fine. They can be taken at face value. However names such as Theseus, Priam or Hector are well known. Anybody who has read the Illiad will know of the deeds of Hector son of Priam in defending Troy, and the young Theseus' exploits in the Cretan labyrinth are equally well known. We feel that, by including these names, we are promising a background and mythology wh

ch Avalon cannot deliver. To an extent it belittles our own attempts to create an original Avalonian mythology... CONT