In Mercinae.

Arturo, Serpent of Thakriato Everyone

Fear not, Many questioned the skill , experience and character of your young baron Artecspirit. Today I witnessed firsthand his smooth political acumen and fighting resolve.

A deep baritone voice shouts, \"Just getting some dp\".

Said the enormous blackbear as he finished a fine cross stitch in the embroidery stock-room.

Artecspirit has been slain by misadventure.

Artecspirit returns to haunt Avalon as a ghost.

Yes good Knights, Rangers, Mages, Bards and Alchemists who placed their trust in an unknown quantity, fear not. Your wisdom and perceptive judgement has been vindicated. Gloating rights are yours, bask in them for Artecspirit is indeed a man worthy of the title of Baron of Mercinae.

Mr Spirit I salute you, for you have absolutely zero.


Written by my hand on the 10th of Ilmarael, in the year 1131.