divine power.

In a gathering after a recent series of divine quests, which you so graciously provided, several thieves pulled some, well, thief-ish stunts. I am not begrudging the zapping I received because of it - I rather expected it. I think a good zap now and then is important to show mortals their places in the hierachy of the divine and human.

I am however slightly dismayed at the response of mortals to our trickery. Intentions were announced, it was hardly a suprise what we were going to do. I then proceeded to act on those warnings, at first in jest, but eventually in earnest - as I had not only told people what I planned, but had then told them how to stop it. Indeed, after I stolen a few small items, I dropped them on the ground - and the mortal I had taken them from simply sat complacently.

I, a humble mortal, would never dare question the power or judgement of a god, but I can question the actions of other mortals - the gods are not our guardians, they are not MANDATED to be benevolent. Simply expecting them to shield us from harm and demanding retribution if harm is done - why should we think that is the will or the role of a god? We should not DARE to denigrate them to this status of \"protector\" - their whims may be to protect us at some point, but we should not assume they will always

be this.

I consider it an affront to the deities if mortals assume they will automatically be protected by them, especially if a threat is presented and not quelled. In a land such as Avalon - based on chaos, where only the dilligent, alert, and responsive rise to the top - those who are passive and demand protection from the divine not only impede themselves, they attempt to create a role for the gods. Lest we forget, the divine exist IN SPITE of us - if they choose to help us, we should feel blessed, but we c

annot demand that they do so.

Sincerest apologies for any insult I may have given, and apologies on behalf of the other mortals who saw you as a way to both exact their revenge and protect themselves from the modest threat of me.

Written by my hand on the 17th of Springflower, in the year 1131.