I re-read the past few posts and where does it equate using a skill while standing in the open on those cowering in trees to using a skill to fight with when dp? And who is the \"we\" that decided that using a seer skill was not fair? I dont think you having two swords covered with poisons is fair shall we ask you to go back to one single one?

This is getting silly on the boards really. Someone wants sorcerers to not have demons cause she doesnt have them? Loremasters should not use their skill of splashing compassion cause it causes others discomfort? Now seers should not use their skills because someone else doesnt like it?

Learn to live with it! and get around it! Avalon is blessed (sorry for the word Lords) with excellent gods who watch and who adjust when they look at the world from an all world perspective. Let them do it! Petition them for changes. But quit whining about other people's skills on the boards!!!


Written by my hand on the 18th of Leaflost, in the year 1129.