Your Midwinter Carol.

Wyldefyreto Wraith

First a riddle: What do you get when you cross a Snowman with a Vampire? (see the end of the post for answer)

The other day I made a promise to Lord Wraith to share a special Midwinter Carol. Please do not take offense as it is meant in fun and in the spirit of the holidays +

(Sung to Silent Night)

Silent Night (a distant bell is heard tolling from the tower of Eleusis) +

Holy Night (a dull thump is heard in the distance) +

All is calm (a distant scream is heard throughout Avalon) +

All is bright (Darkness develops the land as the Black Curse descends upon Avalon) +

Round yon Virgin (are 24 rowdy villagers shouting drunkenly) +

Mother and Child (are found wandering in Mercinae) +

Holy Infant (ok, which Ranger shot the Giant Baby with 72 arrows?) +

So tender and mild (Mild? Avalon? riiiiight) +

Sleep in Heavenly Peace (or Multiple pieces, whatever your preference). +

Oh and the answer to the riddle? Frostbite +

Wishing everyone the best for this Midwinter and many to come, \"Gods favour us, every one\" +


Written by my hand on the 3rd of Mournsend, in the year 1129.