I have never stripped someone smaller than myself in retribution for Myself being stripped, and i use stripped very broadly, i have taken a pouch or two trying to make someone who lost their entire lifes possessions a bit less miserable.

I have also stated that if a young is stripped i will take it out on the attacker AND another young person of their city hoping this will deter my young from being hunted. In the end blotto you have to ask yourself is erm being petty, worth, the loss of the young? I say no, however if the rest of avalon does not agree to quit cold turky

Then I will be forced to use the same weapons used against us, and let me assure you, excepting threap and kodiak, I am probably the best at it. That i chose to remain poor, and CHOSE not to hyperstrip someone is purely a choice made by someone who has been on the recieving end of such strippings before, one who would not wish that sort of frustration and pain on another.

Taking a sword here, a pouch there, some herbs (scoff) is usually what I limit myself to, oh and zwartia's box and your hammer blotto wich if I recall I ultimately gave back.

I will NOT however sit by and let my people be victimized, put it simply an EYE for an EYE a TOOTH for a TOOTH, and if your crime is compounded by it being someone of smaller stature than you then i'm gona take the whole damn face. We are no longer victims, we will fight back.

Written by my hand on the 6th of Hindyear, in the year 1127.