You seem upset so I thought I should post.

Thakria plants potatoes, now I can only imagine some of the perverse uses some of

your more twisted citizens have for potatoes but bet your bottom dollar some

go towards making rations - and troops rely on rations.

Therefore I see it as a legitimate tactic (unless treaties are in place) to disrupt

and steal as much as your harvest as possible.

You seem to infer as a member of the order of light that this is incorrect or unfair

behaviour - please be assured just because we follow Apollo does not mean we are weak

and cannot act in our own interests.

Regarding your eagle which you choose to offer to Apollo (very odd) yes I killed it twice

because it was getting in my way of picking up a floor rune I liked the look of and

also the poor beast was overladen with harvested comms (unecesary and cruel to the poor beast).

I am sorry no-one from your superbly strong city bothered to show up to harvest. I am sure

they do not appreciate your efforts but getting miffed and threatening to attack parrius and recoup

what was taken is not really the correct response you should be asking your leaders to kick Thakria's

proverbial arse for not helping you.

Written by my hand on the 2nd of Hindyear, in the year 1127.