Think of it this way.

Felling is a city versus city affair, yes? It makes perfect sense that if your city has a single fighter on, and theirs has 4, they're going to win.

It is perfectly noble of you to sacrifice your protection to stop the felling, but by doing so you should then have to suffer consequences. By rushing to protection, you escape those. Let's be honest, any half witted fool can run from 4 enemies for 6 or 7 locations, before hitting a stockroom enter alias to get back to safety.

So, main point: There are 4 of them, 1 of you. If you attack, you're SHOULD die, unless you are so a good enough fighter to kill all of them. Just because it's 4 on 1 doesn't mean the game's system should step in and subsidize your experience level.

Battlemage Fistandantilus

Written by my hand on the 28th of Midsummer, in the year 1126.