Arturo, Serpent of Thakriato Galadriel, Illuminati

Perhaps you misunderstand the purpose of this board. Your comments were well thought out and as tedious as they were dreary. I took offence to your championing of the new players and lumping them in as a \"whole being\" which they arent. They are seperate entities.

Each city has it's own place of novice study and an institute of higher learning, this was not done haphazardly. Those lucky enough to have the blue blood of Thakria flowing in their veins are the happy few. Those that arent will no doubt be looked after in some way by the cities they were born into. They will curse the trick nature played upon them but such is life. I have no qualms with other cities helping those Thakrian novices he may be in need of guidance, yet guidance and equipment are entirely d

ifferent things. It is the duty of the city and guild of the graduated academic to provide the fundamental requirements they need to prosper. Not the job of idle social workers who take an over active interest in post academic welfare.


Written by my hand on the 30th of Ilmarael, in the year 1125.