Community Chest.

Galadriel, Illuminatito Arturo, Serpent of Thakria


Oh of course, I forgot that you are genetically unable to participate in a reasonable discussion. Don't worry, I'm sure they'll

find a cure for \"pompous jackass syndrome\" any day now.

This suggestion, whether you agree or not, was meant to benefit every city, and specifically the newly subscribed players

who don't, thankfully, have to listen to your mouth much. Clearly, Sir, you are very fond of silly rhetoric, and therefore have

nothing of any real value to offer in a conversation of adults.


Since you actually are active in a Relations role, I'm more than happy to listen to alternate suggestions. The Community Chest is empty and the animists have tried doing some work with it in the past, but I can't see that they've managed to keep it up. If Thakria chooses not to participate, fine, but I'd like to hope that there was more behind it than posturing.

I don't see any real need to use the cities' Academy funds. In fact, I would lay odds that very few of our PR aides even know

the command to use it.

I will, however, save any more talk for the elders board. I had kept it up here as a courtesy to Narissa, who cannot participate there. It is a shame that we couldn't use this opportunity to display a some maturity, and raise the level of the bar on this board.


Written by my hand on the 29th of Ilmarael, in the year 1125.