ironing out Duel Bugs.

If a person has to leave Avalon (sadly such circumstances do occur) and they are in

a duel then all they can do is 'retract duel' and hope that all the participants

have the common sense to end the duel there and then, which is not unreasonable if you

have given them plenty of warning.

If however someone in the duel happens to be a bit pig headed and arrogant there

are circumstances where all you get is 'I havent finished killing you all yet' and no

retraction, (entertaining if they die soon after saying it, but still annoying).

Today I have arrived back within the land still effectively in a duel, none of the other

participants are within the land at the moment and I cannot attempt once again to end the duel.

Could you perhaps either set it so that leaving Avalon removes you from a duel or put in a command

which allows a person to leave a duel after a given period of time, for example 10 minutes.

Right now I cant really do much without feeling like I am abusing the system.

Written by my hand on the 9th of Leaflost, in the year 1124.