When teaming is right.

It's an interesting point you bring up here and one which was bound to

surface eventually. What has to be understood is the context of the

help files mentioned in your last post. I believe it's something Genesis

stressed in his posts introducing HELP MICROCOSM.

You are quite right to point out that using these help files as a shield

for simply losing a battle you were quite willing to enter, is not on.

The example of entering an enemy city demonstrates this precisely.

There is a certain heroism involved where an individual charges head-long

into an enemy city, intent on some revenge or statement to be made by their

actions. It's perfectly right that every citizen should jump to action and

defend the honour of their city. It's quite a different matter however when

a citizen is involved in a one on one fight, summons his enemy to the city

and the city then all bundles in and interferes with a personal battle which

might have been going on for some time. Having said that, there might also

be circumstances where this IS reasonable.

Ultimately there are no clear cut rules that can be given bullet points and

everyone can follow them. The idea behind sadism and microcosm require people

to think hard about what they're adding to their own lives. It's the

difference between playing a role and button bashing.

Though I might be pushing the boat out a little here I do also consider these

issues to be closely tied to the idea of role. Ask yourselves the next time

you kill a person six times in a row, 'Do I really hate this person this

much?'. The death of your enemy becomes close to useless if there is no

setting or context to it.

If you just can't help yourself and something about your enemy sets you

grinding your teeth, then create a context, set the atmosphere for their death

and follow it through. Legends in the making, remember? No help files or

rules can do that, only people.

At the same time, no-one wishes to make Avalon a cotton padded world. But it

must be a world, not just an environment of mechanic slaughter.

For those of you who understand this, I'm sure there isn't a problem.

For those who don't, I'm sure enough examples and specific instances

will arise over the next few weeks to make things clearer.

Mephisto, god of the night.

Written by my hand on the 27th of Springflower, in the year 1124.