I am not sure if HELP MICROCOSM is tailored dependant on the might of the person reading it

and if it does then this post is probably largely irrelevant.

If not then can I suggest that it is altered to suggest to smaller people within Avalon that

they try to avoid entering into the concerns of the larger fighters in the land.

In my experience a lot of behaviour that flies in the face of HELP MICROCOSM is caused by

those that are newer to the land involving themselves in a fight that is way out of their league.

During these combat situations there is generally far too much going on to start considering people

and even if the opportunity arose to do so their actions generally still require a stopping

whether they be healing a target or jumping in to the frey.

The larger party will generally 'dispose' of the smaller target at the cost of high bloodlust they

didnt want, or they decide to teach the other person a lesson in humility after the main fight is finished generally stepping dangerously close to what is covered in HELP SADISM.

Either way it is quite often in this manner that younger people enter into the cycle of misery that HM and HS try to avoid.

Written by my hand on the 2nd of Springflower, in the year 1124.