Genesis, the god of timeto Everyone

For too long the deities have kept back from a pro-active stance enforcing

the concepts advocated by HELP SADISM. This time is to come to an end. There

is simply too much dishonourable, unbalanced group and individual

combat going on in the land and the trend is a downward spiral that must

be arrested.

Take note of the contents of HELP SADISM. There are no hard and fast

rules but unreasonable teaming, individual bullying, over-kill,

interference with balanced fights - these will all come under the scrutiny

of the Gods. Remember there is a difference to a city versus city

struggle in a time of mobilization as opposed to groups of fellow

citizens engaged in skirmishes with one another. The former merits

an all-out-struggle, the latter should be left as a game-in-microcosm

so all parties evolve/improve. I will be adding a new help file in

HELP MICROCOSM to explain these principles.

Meantime, expect harsh action from Olympus for the next month or two in

response to this new mandate. Let it also be known that this is not

an open invitation for unreasonable complaint: the boys and girls who

cry wolf will find themselves less rather than more supported by the

Gods when they are genuinely and unjustly vicitimised.

Written by my hand on the 16th of Cloudburst, in the year 1124.