Sahan Narissa Yamabaneto Everyone

Teaming is a word I hear thrown around quite a lot, by all sides, from all cities. Sometimes it is an accurate description of the fight, sometimes not.

As I see it, teaming is one side fighting an otherwise fair fight with an unfair advantage due to numbers. For example Dunccan and Qrick both against Arturo, or Threap and Kodiak both attack Esprii (nothing meant by names, just examples of size).

However, I hear people describing a band of smaller players fighting one larger one as a team. Technically, yes, they are fighting (hopefully) as a cohesive team, but skill and ability wise, it should be a fairly equal fight, provided the numbers and size aren't absurdly unmatched. I'd hardly expect a player a few months old to be beating those who have played for years and are at all ults, but if they had a fighting partner, the fight could be interesting and exciting for both sides.

I have heard of a duel system which formally allows fights of this type to occur (like a challenge for multiple opponents?) - is it still active? If not, why not, and is there a possibility of getting it back, provided there is enough interest? Team fights are exciting, educational, and if they could be formalized, would be more likely, in my opinion, to avoid that slip into an exponential melee...

Also, regarding team fights - if I jumped a player in their home city or in a location with other fighters, or while they were leading a bash, I would certainly expect to be attacked by all the people present. That's certainly a risk I would acknowledge before I ran in, but it's hardly teaming. It is simply defense - teaming is offensive, when the many fighters come to a few, with the explicit goal of winning through number of players, etc. That, at least, is my humble opinion.

- rissa

Written by my hand on the 14th of Mournsend, in the year 1124.