Superlative Medallions.

Proteus, god of the seato Everyone

Things may become lost, but in time even those things hidden in the depths of the sea make their way back to land. Through neglect, bribery, theft, stupidity, etc, the fabled superlative medallions have slowly made their way in to my possession. I will now entertain nominations for the mortals who best exemplify the traits the medallions represent which are...

Dream spirit, Courage Spirit, Trickster Spirit, Leadership Spirit, Strength Spirit, Wisdom Spirit, Song Spirit, Purity Spirit.

I didn't create the medallions so some of the aspects they celebrate are somewhat puzzling to me, but in any case, I will only reward someone with the medallions if they stand above all other mortals in that area.

Being courageous during a specific raid is nothing, showing good leadership for a year while noteworthy, is barely worth mentioning. Being courageous for decades or organizing an effective system for the training of novices and insuring the security and economic prosperity of a guild where it had been on the edge of extinction is something worthy of the medallions.

I am in no hurry to distribute the medallions--the first may not leave my possession for a decade. Since many little actions can ultimately show a life lived well, feel free to message me with notable actions individuals have made. However, do not annoy me with commonplace occurences like--Bob splashed me with a potion which healed me just before jegga killed me. However if Bob came up with a plan that lured 10 of your enemies into a series of rituals and staves which put them so off balance, 3 were ab

le to defeat 10--let me know.

Know also that those who lose their medallions through incredible neglect, dormancy, etc (having 3 bandits teaming you everday in an attempt to steal it doesn't count as incredible neglect) will lose the title to it and I will seek to distribute it to someone else if it comes back into my possession.

Proteus, Lord of the Waves

Written by my hand on the 16th of Ilmarael, in the year 1121.