Don't judge everyone else by your low low standards.

A jargon nazi? What you blabbering about? It takes no effort to write a post that by your standards requires a thesaurus or a dictionary, you muppet. I post on a whim, and make a point of posting when crayon-eaters like yourself complain about reading.

You should be thanking me for the education you're getting being forced to read joined up writing instead of complaining like a troublesome schoolkid being forced to think for change.

If you like, we can get the big boys and girls to only use the little words that you know if that is okay and you are not being very good at knowing the big words that they are all using. Would that be okay? Would it be much better if they all did that? I am sure that they would not mind. They are all very nice really.

Add patronising to your list of insults.


Written by my hand on the 2nd of Midsummer, in the year 1121.