Quote: "Nothing doesn't exist, simple fact. ".

Therefore everything exists, simple application of logic to your statement.

You are expounding the infinite universe theory?! Wow. And I thought you were pedalling religious dogma.

If you'd simply said \"My god's bigger/badder/better (delete as applicable) than your god\" then we would have all simply waved a finger in a circling motion at the side of our head and leave you to your convictions.

Always one for empirical evidence, here's a little experiment for you. Take a candle. Go to a dark room. Light it. You will observe that light vanquishes darkness. Darkness only exists when there is an absence of light. Darkness cannot exist in the presence of light, though it can create shadows which are resigned to the edge of light's existence.

We don't hold ridicule you for your ignorance, rather, we nod in sympathy at your misguided nature. You have been befuddled by simplistic arguments designed to appeal to your some of your more primitive and baser instinct. most of us have evolved past this. Yes we exercise violence and seek vengeance when wronged, this is part of human nature, but we don't lower set ourselves a goal of seeing how vindictive, petty, cruel or spiteful we can be.

I will begin immediately a charitable appeal on behalf of you and those poor waifs like you who languish in ignorance. Donations can be made by purchasing items from the Dark Armoury in Springdale (e,n,ne,e from the square), and a percentage of the profits will be directed to worthy causes to help bring about a positive change for those in your predicament.

I know. You're thinking I'm a complete saint. Least I think that's what you're thinking. I'm sure I got the last couple of letters right.

Grymauch. Doing it for the kids. Dig deep.

Written by my hand on the 16th of Skyelong, in the year 1121.