darkness as the origin of the cosmos.

Brave Bathus, searching for wisdomto Z Z Z Zwartia

In truth these words are inspired by a need to familiarise myself with the BB commands, Though I cannot resist the temptation to engage in a little cosmology + Such is my nature and for my verbosity and pedantic philosophising I apologise in advance + as well as plead ignorance in this as all things + my observations are more questions needing answers than truths requiring acknowledgement + Its just that it seems to me that the notion that the origin of all is darkness is confusing + In my innocence I'

ve always assumed that before the beginning there was nothing and at the beginning there was both darkness and light + both requireing eachother for their existence + darkness makes no sense without light and surely it is not the same as the nothing? + my point is simple at least to my simple mind + the sun need not shine bright to banish shadows it simply need not shine at all +

If the format of this posting is absurd then again i beg your indulgence , and assert again its primary purpose... mine own education

with due respect and fond regards

say Bathus

Written by my hand on the 6th of Paglost, in the year 1121.