The obvious.

Z Z Z Zwartiato Everyone

People of Avalon,

Take a little time to contemplate over the obvious and maybe understand a bit more what drives me.

In the beginning there was only Darkness...

Darkness is without any doubt the basic and most important element in nature.

Every living being, the earth, even the universe itself is born out of Darkness.

Light is but an illusion in which the weak and ignorant tend to shelter.

No light shines bright enough, no fire flares high enough, not even the sun can shine intense enough to banish the shadows.

Look inside your soul with an open mind, and you will see that there is not much light in there.

With my actions, which you all have condemned as lowly, dishonorable and evil, I did nothing else than proof this law of nature. It didn't take much provocation to bring out your darkest side. O, yes, some, not many, put up a good fight, but in the end all of you showed your true dark characteristics. And how did I love that sight!

It showed me there is still hope for humankind.

Children of Darkness, stop fighting against yourself, its a battle no mortal can win.

Let the Darkness, that is the core of your spirit, break free to do his beautiful work.

Why fight the inevitable?

Cause in the end there will only be Darkness...

Zwartia, disciple of the dark dance

Written by my hand on the 3rd of Paglost, in the year 1121.