Ender, Brigand of Chaosto Everyone

It would seem that a little clarification is needed. No doubt by this point the Animists are running around in a bit of a tizz after Ender the Terrible raped Alissandria of herbs and poisons. Please allow me to explain and to clarify the position of the Brigands. My apologies to those of you who, like me, see how completely trivial this is but for some reason the Animists are so short of real work they get flustered of the slightest thing these days.

Officially the guild policy of the Brigands herb and poison picking works something like this: We have no Policy.

In more detail, we have an agreement with the Bandits and Rangers to not pick Nann below ten batches. We also agree that more often than not the completely destruction of any herb or poison growth in the land is usually a bad thing and therefore frown on picking below two batches of anything. Obviously there are exceptions to this case.

I expect that within a few weeks the Brigands will be donating essence to the Animists guild to help them restock the land with Lestagii, at that point we will no doubt agree to a picking limit of five batches on that.

Should this simple definition of guild policy provide too taxing for any Animists out there, please feel free to contact me for more details, I'll use small words.

Written by my hand on the 29th of Cloudburst, in the year 1121.