You lie.

I as was. was here, oh and by the way omniscient is all knowing omnipotent is all powerfull.

You whined that rangers were helping out their cities instead of giving you their stuff. Fact is when some rangers slighted you you sought to take reventge.

Oh and don't forget who helped orinoko with thi. his poison pouches, you didnt whore it, yyou just gave it away. smirk.

I saw how the rangers who erm saw the light and became brigands either smirk. left the guild, of course to become something else, OR joined rangers again. +

Erm. seeing the light. again. I guess.

You betrayed the rangers, you betrayed the brigands, you got tired of me kicking the ver loving shit out of you, so you went back to flippin.

You couldn't hack is. hack it as a warrior, you couldn't hack it as a ranger, or a brigand. The good news is, I get to slap you around again, this is ofcourse when you arn't flippin around never actually killing me just poisoning me up. oh wait ahh yes Yarl we can't forget that.

Mebe you can afterall get a kill in on me.

I would like to thankyou though, you becoming a warrior got order numbness changed, hmm you quit around immunities right? Well either way, you are a liar, pure and simple.

Your only driving force has been your own greed and self importance.

Oh yeah let us not forget your betrayal of thakria. let me guess you were following your rightfull path. f

A liar, a joke, and a disrespectfull little runt will be what your tombstone will say.


Written by my hand on the 4th of Eleuthral, in the year 1121.