Thesaurian Intellect.

Ender, Brigand of Chaosto Malhavok, the god of war

I assume that you knowledge of the events leading up to and directly following the split of the Rangers guild is a secondary effect from the Emerald of Life. Given that you were not present in either mortal or immortal form, I can only assume this knowledge comes from your great omnipotence. Either that or you are basing your assumptions upon the blinkered and misguided ramblings of a few hapless Rangers.

For over 200 years I was at the heart of the Rangers guild, always trying to rebuild it, inspire it and turn it into a guild worthy of the title. However the Rangers remained a joke within this land consisting of little more than arms dealers, whoring out their skills to the highest bidder.

The only way the guild would ever earn respect was if it learnt how to respect itself, if it learnt how to fight. I tried, with some success, to turn the guild off the path it has stumbled down for too long. Most didn't even under stand the concept, and only a few of them showed promise. Those who did understand joined me in founding a new guild, the Brigands.

After the split; Pahn and a few others objected to the Brigands proportional division of guild commodities and sought to use this opportunity to attack us as we were finding our feet in the Grey Forest. We of course united and pushed back these feeble attacks against us, forcing the Rangers to cower in temples and stockrooms rather than the trees they would normally lounge in.

Of course, as time passed, situations change and I felt my path led me elsewhere, I fully admit this was a mistake and I have more than paid my debt for this error. During this temporary lull the potential gain outweighed their legendary cowardice and the Rangers opened hostilities against a defenceless guild.

And now I have a duty to hold the Rangers accountable for their misguided fumbling into the arena of warfare.

Written by my hand on the 3rd of Eleuthral, in the year 1121.