Ender, Brigand of Chaosto Everyone

On the 17th of Skyelong, in the year 1118 the Rangers guild instigated an unprovoked attack upon the Brigands guild. Due to the complete absence of a defending force and being utterly unable to defend herself the Brigands guild soon fell and all structures were razed.

As the more observant of you will notice, I have once again returned to my rightful place as Guildmaster of the Brigands guild. While I was not present in the land at the time of this attack nor held a position within the Brigands guild, it is now clearly my sworn duty to seek revenge for this assault on my beloved guild. A guild that I helped reform some twenty-two years ago.

But, I am a fair man. I have offered teams of cease fire to Greystoke the guildmaster of the Rangers, urging him to reimburse the Brigands for the mindless destruction they wrought upon my guild. Sadly, for all Rangers, these pleas have fallen on deaf ears and so my only option is to continue my targeted attacks upon the Rangers guild as a whole.

Last time I checked, the guild was a democracy and therefore while Greystoke remains unchallenged or the debt remains unpaid, my hands are tied.

Ender, Guildmaster of the Brigands

Written by my hand on the 25th of Midwinter, in the year 1121.