I won't bother spelling out how long ago before your selfish actions I picked

lestagii to 2, or how many days I did this for. I have covered this in previous

posts. I will add that I don't feel that the time frames covered constitute

\"Continually\", and therefore do not justify your actions.

It is because of the condemnation (in very colourful language) I received at the

time from the people you mention, plus some of your highly experienced herbal

brethren that I wrote my initial post. I did not understand how given the past context

of my picking to 2, and the abusive messages and tells I received, and in light

of Hermes doing exactly what you did and receiving (rightly) the same, that not one

single voice seemed to be raised in anger at your breaking of a treaty you yourself

helped to instigate (You were the GM of your guild right? You did agree to it?)

No Gandalph, do not try and use my old actions as an excuse for your recent acts. And

count yourself lucky that no-one else seems to think that stripping the land clean of

lestagii is worse than (as you claim) someone continually picking it to two. As a Ranger

of many years, (Disclaimer: I am not speaking for the guild here), I think your act did NOT

help, and I spoke out on this board.

Written by my hand on the 23rd of Midwinter, in the year 1121.