I have no idea what bright spark may have informed you I was \"overpicking\"

the limits set by others. I have not \"overpicked\" for a month or so actually,

having in fact replanted whole swathes of picked clean areas. But for the

record, at the time, I did state to the person some members of our guild elected

that I thought that any treaty on lestagii with mage types was a waste of time.

I am happy that you so publically demonstrated my point far better than I could

ever have hoped to do. I can only hope that the divine in their wisdom review

the ability of those with herbs as a secondary skill to deny those of us with it

as a primary skill, to deny us access to the lands most potent of combat herbs.

Finally. Greystoke. I do not know who rattled your cage. I never said I spoke for the

rangers. In similar fashion to your public statement, let me publically acknowledge

that I do not speak for the rangers and that you most certainly do not speak for me.

I would never sanction the stripping of the land of herbs, something I find amazing that

a \"guild master\" of the rangers could.

Written by my hand on the 29th of Leaflost, in the year 1120.