wurtfoil brews.

Druid Elbethamore, Healer of the Foreststo Everyone

Effective at the start of the new year, 1121, the Animists Guild will be returning to a schedule system for the brewing of wurtfoil.

In the new schedule, we will be holding multiple brews during the months of Midwinter and Skyelong (the first and seventh months of the Avalon calendar), to cover as many timezones as possible. We will not be holding brews during the rest of the year. Additionally, individuals will not be allowed to attend more than one brew during a calendar month. In other words, someone will not be allowed to attend a brew at the beginning of a brew month and then again towards the end of the month to recover ship r

ides lost in the intervening period of time. We will be keeping track of attendance for this purpose.

Hopefully this schedule will prove to be an improvement over the previous vague and disorganized system. Questions or concerns may be addressed to me in person or via message.



Written by my hand on the 4th of Leaflost, in the year 1120.