I'm glad to see I have at least some support for this rather drastic measure. I sincerely hope this will teach the scoundrel that actions do have consequences.

I'd like to echo Ender's request that animists refrain from replanting for 1-2 weeks so that this actually has consequences for the guilty party. Once lestagii is replanted, let me be very clear to the culprit- we will no longer abide by a picking limit of 5 while 1 person constantly picks to 1 and 2. If you want to play that game, the rest of us will very reluctantly do the same, and ensure that you aren't stockpiling loads of lestagii while the rest of Avalon goes without. A picking limit only wor

ks if everyone abides by it, otherwise it's a very convenient way for 1 person to abuse the system. The days of standing by while you laugh at our restraint and gleefully pick knowing we will let you get away with it to honor a treaty that you mock by your actions on a daily basis are over.

Written by my hand on the 18th of Midsummer, in the year 1120.