The quest for the Amber.

Malhavok, the god of warto Everyone

The first round of the quest opened with a free for all between all of the

competitors. Participants were awarded with a position in the second round by

virtue of displaying competence, which came in a variety of fashions including

the most kills, offering the most bodies, killing somebody much larger than you,

and many other ways. Those who made it to the second round were Pahn, Tamlyn, Tomas,

Edgtho, Dunccan, Fistandantilus, Qrick, Hekate, Gaar, Kodiak, Huzow, Simaril, and


The second round of the quest consisted of another free for all in the form of a

sands of time quest. The sands changed hands several times in the beginning before

settling with Kodiak, who kept hold of them for quite some time until being shoved

indoors by Edgtho. Edgtho was the first to retrieve the freed sands and managed to

defend them aided by Fistandantilus for the remainder of the quest. Edgtho has earned

the powers of the Amber as well as contender status in the next ordination. Well

done to him.

Written by my hand on the 29th of Hindyear, in the year 1119.