Artisan Allanon, Illuminatito Orielle

My post was hopefully of some assistance to young and old of all cities suffering delayed

compassion then summoning.

I imagine there are non Thakrians who are Loremaster profession who use/abuse the trick

some might argue that any use of delayed summoning is unfair - I personally would think that repeated

use or summoning the person into a trap/team is a level I would describe as unfair.

Kodiak himself told me some people deal with it better than others (god knows he must

give some people plenty of practice) but with the speed of the embrace/speed move/summon this can only

be by trigger and thus is open to emoting (as well as needing eq to reject).

So hopefully you will see that my suggestions for a defence were for everyone to use.

As a final point, as I pointed out to Kodiak any Loremaster (Kuma you quote as an example) could

make the time and set himself/herself up to be a summoning machine - I could probably be better than

many due to HP skills - the point I made is just because you can do something it doesn't make it right.


Written by my hand on the 30th of Midwinter, in the year 1119.