Some poeople never learn.

Artisan Allanon, Illuminatito Kodiak, the Wanderer

A while back I requested that for the good of our mutual profession you

contain your urges to constantly portal/splash compassion then delay the kiss until you have

equilibrium and your super dooper speed movement back to a place to summon.

From what I hear from others you cannot stop it and from the demonstration this morning

which was to do nothing else really but to do this I will do as I promised an suggest


The obvious one is to stop portals but in reality moving every location and dropping a pyramid

picking up moving and dropping again is possible but even sadder than Kodiak.

Although triggers are undesirable the most effective way is to combat the compassion is as follows:

examine your friends list and use this to trigger rejecting any nasties you dont want there by

enemying the nasty person 0 then rejecting the nasty person then re-enemying if appropriate.

Your could trigger friends on a tick timer or just type it every few secs or trigger after any splash

or after you wake up. You will only lose equilibrium IF you need to reject and as the name clearly

appears in friends list you can have seperate triggers that turn on and off to deal with enemies.

There the loremaster compassion skill effectively fucked. Now Kodiak you can take pride in

your acheivements - Personally given your selfish stupidity I would strongly suggest that anyone

\"fighting\" when kodiak is on use the ticker timer method just so you can see it working and

then you will know you dont have contend with keeping an eye out all the time.

Anyone who wants to know more details or the basic mechanics of how the compassion works just ask.

To my fellow more reasonable loremasters who use tricks sparingly I apologise - however best we sort out

this rather the gods having to implement skill changes.

Written by my hand on the 25th of Midwinter, in the year 1119.