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Evil Aerianto Herbie

You really shouldn't publicly declare to the land that it was I

who broke into the Knights, Mystics and Mages guild without any

evidence as that is really quite unfair on me. I quite innocently

found a few pills lying around and was going to return them to the

guild heads in question but in haste ate them when Allanon and your

good self attacked me.

I'd like to publicly inform you that I have no more such pills in

my possession and I of course will not freely distribute them among

my \"friends\" fellow citizens.

I've heard rumours about much burglary in Mercinae. I believe Eilan

and Esprii's stores were both robbed. I am certain it was Pahn who

broke into Esprii's storeroom (not certain about Eilan's yet) after I

did some serious investigation. As he was fleeing the brute got some

of his fur from his large hairy arse stuck in the door.

Evil Aerian

You shouldn't listen to any rumours about me perfecting my bandit skills

on Mercinae as I have nothing against your city at all.

Written by my hand on the 11th of Ilmarael, in the year 1118.