Herbs and poisons overpicking.

Nostradamus, god of darknessto Everyone

I read an awful lot of posts about herbs and poisons overpicking. \"Who picked

the lestagii! Who picked nann to 3! Who's doing it? Help! \".

Well ladies and gentleman I may not have the entire answer but I have part

of the answer for you. Yesterday I caught a mortal (whom is old enough and

should be wise enough to know better) auto-picking every herb/poison using a

fairly complex automation script whilst they were affectively not being

attentive. They had been doing this for a week, and I had warned them last week

not to continue doing it under threat of dire punishment.

The mortal in question chose to ignore me and continued to strip pick the land

in an 'unattended' state of mind. I chose to remove their pouches as punishment

to prove that there is no material gain from this kind of activity and for

defiance in ignoring my first warning.

In fairness to the mortal whom has not actually angered me to make this post I

shall withold his name. I do feel it appropriate however to let you know that

Damocles has undertaken to 're-supply' this individual and is effectively

sponsoring his actions, apparently because I 'overreacted'.

I shall not be compramising my standards and when I see mortals acting unfairly

I shall act as I deem fit for the general standard of the realm. So next time

you are moaning about who picked what, send your complaints on a postcard to


Thank you.


Written by my hand on the 10th of Midsummer, in the year 1118.