New creche facilities?.

Clansman Grymauch, Paladin of Springdaleto Everyone

I heard that you're offering creche facilities to take in under-privileged children from Thakria and offer them a chance of bettering themselves? Bravo.

Alleria's shop just off the Olive Grove in Springdale (e,n,ne from Springdale square) has an impressive array of furnishings to help you fit out the new facilities. I'm sure there is a cot there. Much better than smelly old rotted sacks.

The school in Oakwood has an excellent reputation and now that those unsightly crescent moon flags have all been taken down and replaced with nice new rampant stag flags, you can be sure that the school will provide the right sort of environment to nu

rture young minds.

Good luck with your new venture, and remember if the young tikes are a bit difficult at first, remember that they haven't had the best start in life and be patient with them.

Clansman Grymauch, Paladin of Springdale, Baby-sitter for hire.

Written by my hand on the 8th of Eleuthral, in the year 1118.