Bandits Guild.

Aerianto Artisan Allanon, Illuminati

Allanon I would like to point out to you that there is no such thing as

\"Thakrian Bandits\". If you hadn't noticed there is one guild called the

\"Bandits\" of which all cities have guild members and of which all members

have access to guildhouses in various different cities and towns.

When you insult the \"Thakrian Bandits\" for their laziness and accuse

them of being slack you are infact insulting Bandits from all cities.

I would be very careful about the security of your guild from now on as

I'm sure there are many bandits wanting to prove a point to you and show

how the brotherhood of act as a Guild.

Evil Aerian

Written by my hand on the 25th of Leaflost, in the year 1117.