Thieves Guild in Thakria.

Aerianto Artisan Allanon, Illuminati

I'm glad you have clarified your position towards the Thieves guildhouse

in Thakria.

From my understanding the Bandits guild has held a \"Neutral\" stance towards

Cities at War and the Guild Troops stationed in the Thieves guildhouse would

not have been used to repell any attack from a particular city.

I'm now sure that the Guildmaster and Elders see that the guild would be

targetted by Springdale if your armies ever got close to the city and

I'm pretty sure we can now happily use \"thousands\" of guild troops to

repell any such attack.

I'm grateful that you have publicly made aware to the many Bandits residing

in Thakria, Mercinae, Parrius and Springdale your cities intention of

destroying and stealing the hard \"earned\" commodoties the Bandits guild

has amassed over the years.

Evil Aerian

Written by my hand on the 24th of Leaflost, in the year 1117.