Nice of you to admit to overpicking, I assume from that statement that it was indeed you who picked all the lestagii down to 2, I hope your guildmaster deals with you accordingly.

As to breldiar, I picked it down to 15 in every location in avalon, NOT below....... I didn't need to as many of the locations had upwards of 25 breldiar in the location, I still managed to pick 250 without trying or needing to overpick.

In future you might be advised to actually check your facts before opening your mouth - that way you won't even more firmly ensconce yourself in the realms of those who fail on a daily basis to deal with their own lack of knowledge.

Oh, and there's an active mystic so let's lower the picking limit? Well, aren't you just a genius? We need breldiar so let's make sure there's less to pick!


Written by my hand on the 14th of Ilmarael, in the year 1117.