HARVEST and upcoming planting season.

Z Z Z Zwartiato Everyone

In the light of the previous message:

HARVEST : 30/06/2004 05:12 GMT (**** TOMORROW ****)

Ploughing, manuring, planting : 07/07/2004 17:12 GMT to 10/07/2004 04:12 GMT

Thus people, although we didnt plant this year, there are lots of other cities fields that can be harvested. Farmers grab yourself a few fighters, fighters grab yourself a farmer and get those patatoes!

oh, I forgot in the previous message: DUNG! It's free, it's easy to find, it's easy to collect (although you have to take the smell with it) and Thakria will pay you for it!

Autumn and winter are the MINING seasons (if I am not mistaken) --- IRON will make you rich and Thakria strong!!!

Ministerie of State

Ministerie of Trade

Written by my hand on the 9th of Ilmarael, in the year 1117.