Seconds as scholars.

Galadriel, Illuminatito Everyone

To all Public Relations people,

Further Dunccan's post -- and a good advisory it is, by the way,

Public Relations people all have the facility to watch the actions

of scholars and novices. Should a scholar be acting inappropriately

we are in a position to observe and intervene, if necessary.

Two words then -

First is aid: If your scholars are the target of an overly skilled

scholar, then it would greatly enhance their gameplay and set the scales

evenly if you were to advice your scholars. Ask a fighter to accompany then

- er them - on their journey, and help them use their fledgling skills.

NOT attack the culprit directly -- rather help your young friend defeat them.

the scholar skills are fairly balanced in this respect.

Second is God-intervention: If there is a God about when you see such

suspicious behaviour, they have tools at their disposal to check whether

this person is a second (I'm referring to Genesis and Apollo here) or any

God with an eye to what's common can watch their behaviour for a while.

It is difficult to judge seconds for ourselves. We can guess -- but we cannot

know for certain. It would be unfair to ouster a gifted young Militia course

graduate for being smart and talented!

Remember that you cannot always see the deities who are present - send a WISH

to the heavens when something untoward seems to be occuring. Xantho, should he

return, will be well met with many hostile scholars and new graduates. As we all

know, Avalon is not a place for the timid.


Written by my hand on the 20th of Ilmarael, in the year 1116.