Kiss Chase.

Artisan Allanon, Illuminatito Kodiak

In my youth I liked to play this game using compassion potions, in many ways it was

even more silly then (you could blow a kiss across avalon and summon into a stave).

At the time I thought it was a great hoot, but over time I cam to learn two things:

An undefendable attack will get sorted out by the gods.

The more people overusing it will make it get changed quicker.

I had heard rumours that all you ever did was sit in alkar and delayed summons with fast

movement into staves - shockingly it appears so.

Unless you want compassion changed for the worse I would urge you to consider your actions

whilst you may sit in alkar 99% of the time most others do not - desist so stupidly

overusing the ability or simply I and others will go tit-for-tat till it gets changed.

Also I will start making public ways to avoid the summons.

I don't have any faith in your ability to control yourslef, tell you what why don't we just get every loremaster

to jab plus alkar with every hit - that would be a laugh too.

Written by my hand on the 29th of Springflower, in the year 1116.