Galadriel, Illuminatito Constantine the Barbarian

Dearest Connie,

You really need to stop posting. You're only making MORE of an ass of yourself, if that's possible.

Names - personal choices, Gods often note and have mortals change unsuitable ones. So the issue is already addressed.

The Barbarian - like to note, REALLY original. I'm in awe of that brainpower. Wow. So Conan of you.

Illuminati - I'm Light Order. Latin, ancient language. Avalon, land of Legends. I think a who list with Latin suffixes that maybe take a moment of thought to puzzle out are better than, oh, say, a clod's attempt to impress.

Finally, since you're the ONLY one who CARES. (and we all know this because you PUT it in CAPS) maybe we should make you head NamesKeeper. You can show the same level of commitment you've shown your friends... no... erm.your Order.hmm, no... your city

Galadriel, Illuminati

Written by my hand on the 22nd of Springflower, in the year 1116.