Strange but true!.

Herbieto Everyone

I know this and a few other boards have been full of stockroom abuse, but this really amused me. After a challenge in which Hekate died quite shamefully, she scarpered back to the temple of Lord Nostadamus and within a few minutes I saw the Hekate di

es to Herbie message. Moi? I'm nowhere near the area, infact I'm in Mercinae, the city of Light. Lo and behold, life potion kicks in and she dies again to me. Wait wait wait wait wait (another few minutes), Hekate eventually ships (afk ?).

Now I know most people would find it quite amusing that anybody reasonably large should die to a sentinel in a safe location, but to hear these words uttered afterwords made me almost break wind:

Your rune-bug picks up words Hekate tells Herbie, \"I will inform Lord Nostradamus\".

hek that you led my sentinel in there ?

Your rune-bug picks up words Hekate tells Herbie, \"Good luck\"

I don't post this at all to diminish my respect for Lord Nostradamus, far from it, it's purely the expectation that a divinity should defend such complete and utter incompetence that astounds me.

Any thoughts on the matter ?


Written by my hand on the 15th of Eleuthral, in the year 1116.