The Ordination.

Orinoko, the Renegade Wombleto Everyone

Soon the greatest of events Avalon can witness will begin. A few mortals will have the right to challenge for the crown of a god.

I do hereby throw my gauntlet into the ring - a challenge, a challenge from which I would leave with the crown of Fire, my chosen realm.

If my destiny permits, I would blaze in Olympus, a burning spark to instil some much needed life and enthusiasm to this world.

I am not now nor ever have been afraid to contend an issue in public or face to face - lethargy and cowardice, I would replace with contention and aggression.

Fire - It is a flame that flickers, or a blaze that destroys. It glows in the Sun. It dances in the hearth, attracts the eye, and desire. It colours the blood. It is the pulse of our being.

The spark has been struck, only Time can tell if there will be a Blaze.


Written by my hand on the 19th of Mournsend, in the year 1114.