You are so deliciously stupid!.

Galadriel, Illuminatito Count Xandamere, the Damned


First, your post is nothing more than fodder for the fighters

board, being both petty and childish.

Second, this proposal was for all fighters - in all cities -

to hopefully participate and enjoy a contest with spoils

that we could referee ourselves. You know, hav some fun,

get some practice, generate a little excitement.

Third, you've proven that you are unobservant in the extreme

seeing as how I've neither sat in stockrooms nor been DP

for weeks now.

Some of us try a bit around here, Xand. Do our best to make

Avalon a little more fun, improve themselves. If all you have

to offer is shit commentary, really, what's the point of your

speaking at all?


Written by my hand on the 1st of Eleuthral, in the year 1114.