You and your peace.

Although evoking peace is obviously not a hostile act in any means, for some reason I do not think it was intended to be used by someone like yourself to hide behind divine protection and still be able to stop felling.

If you seek \"opportunity of some respite from the turmoil of the land\" then by all means stay dp, go about your merry way, play in the marshes collecting balsa and doing whatever it is you do. However, should you see your city under attack, beit stav

es, citizens, stalls, whatever, surely there is a more honourable way other than having an LW evoke spirits whilst you evoke peace.

By the way that you're putting it, then by all means sorcerers could go about evoking stickyground and darkness everywhere, hendering fights and quests as neither of these actions are considered \"hostile\" while protected, however such actions WOULD be

considered hostile (and abusive) as in the manner they are used.

Hostility is a relative term to circumstance in this (and many) situation(s) and obviously needs someone who can \"think outside the box\" to see that.

I am in no way speaking for the Gods on this matter, just adding my two gold pieces on the recent happenings.


Written by my hand on the 22nd of Hindyear, in the year 1112.