Your point?.

Was there really any quality to your post there? Other than for the pot to remark to the kettle that it may be a tad darker shade than grey?

Orinoko had a good point, Nothing in Avalon is absolute, even Divine Protection from Attack or Pacifism. If that wasn't the case then there would be no way to kill Pacifists.

Any competant pacifist will see the messages stating that something is about to kill them, be it problems with mines or the almighty power of the stars. Unless that pacifist is (god forbid) not paying attention or doing comms work whilst afk, then the

re is no reason for them to die.

Personally I think Fatalus' response to a divinity was out of place. My message to him would be to perhaps think humble thoughts prior to responding to any divine post. But then being a Cleric, I'm biased.

Regards, Father Cimares.

Written by my hand on the 8th of Midsummer, in the year 1112.