Order of Compassion raffle.

Druid Elbethamore, Healer of the Foreststo Everyone

To the people of Avalon:

In celebration of the upcoming Opal of Compassion quest on Saturday, April 17th, the Order of Compassion will be holding a raffle!

The prize is going to be a leather herb pouch, fully runed with frostbite, grip, and anchor runes, and filled with 100 each of lestagii, iorthir, tyrlar, denallo, athillias, and malloran!

Tickets for this prize (the total value of which exceeds 10,000 coin), are only 100 gold coins, or 3 for 250! They can be purchased from myself, Honourbound, or Raina. Just speak to one of us about it, or send us a msg letting us know you are interest

ed so we can contact you.

Tickets will be sold up until two hours before the gem quest is scheduled to begin. Those aforementioned order members who will be issuing ticket numbers will not be allowed to participate in the raffle. Please direct inquiries to me, Raina, or Honour


Best of luck to all of you!


Written by my hand on the 9th of Eleuthral, in the year 1112.