The Quest for the Divine Opal.

Rhadamanthys, god of compassionto Everyone

The Divine Gem quest for the Opal of Compassion will be held on

Saturday, April 17th at 2000 GMT (3pm EST, 12pm noon PST).

This quest will consist of a three rounds of multiple races from one

point in Avalon to another. Each heat within the round and each

round within of the quest will become increasingly more complex.

The first round will consist of races from and to well-known points

around the land, Thakria to Parrius for instance. The next round of

destinations will be to specific items within a location such as the

scarecrow. The final round of races will consists of clues, riddles

or portions of a location description to aid you in finding the


Points will be assessed for the first, second and third place

winners of each race. The competitor with the most points at the

end of the event will be bestowed with the Bonds and touch of



Written by my hand on the 22nd of Agamnion, in the year 1111.